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Our pasture-raised lamb is available by the full or half in the fall and by individual cuts when available. Full and half lambs can be cut to your specifications and come labelled and vacuum sealed.

Full- $11.00/lb (approx. 40lbs)

Half- $11.00/lb (approx. 20lbs)

When you buy in bulk the price is based on the hanging weight, or the weight of the lamb before it is cut. Typically you take home 80-85% of the hanging weight depending on how you have it cut. By our estimate, buying by the quarter will save you approximately 25% over buying the same cuts from us individually.

Lamb Typical Cuts.png

Your lamb order comes cut to your specifications. You can make the following adjustments to the typical cuts.


  • Shoulder roast can be substituted for stew or ground

  • Rack can be substituted for loin chops

  • Tongue/heart/kidney can be included

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