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Our pasture-raised beef is available by the quarter in the fall and spring and year-round as individual cuts. When buying by the quarter the meat comes cut to your specifications and individually vacuum sealed and labelled.


Hind quarter- $6.75/lb

Front quarter- $6.25/lb

Side- $6.50/lb

When you buy in bulk the price is based on the hanging weight, or the weight of the quarter before it is cut. Typically you take home 75-80% of the hanging weight depending on how you have it cut. By our estimate, buying by the quarter will save you approximately 15% over buying the same cuts from us individually.

Freezing instruction: A quarter of beef will require space in a deep freeze. The freezer of your fridge will not have enough space and does not do an adequate job of freezing the meat fast enough. When you get your quarter home REMOVE IT FROM THE BOX and lay it flat in your freezer. If possible, turn your freezer to the coldest setting until all the meat is completely frozen. The meat touching the sides of your freezer will freeze faster than the meat in the middle and on the bottom. After 24hrs rotate the meat so that anything that hasn't frozen yet is towards an outside wall.

Beef Typical Cuts.png

Our butcher does custom cutting, so you can make changes to the typical order to suit your family and how you like to cook.


  • Roasts can range from 2-5lbs

  • Roasts can be substituted for stew or ground

  • Steak can range from 3/4"-1.5" think

  • On a front quarter roasts can be boneless or bone-in. On a hind quarter all roasts are boneless.

  • Soup bones, tongue, heart and liver can be included

  • Extra ground beef can be added for an additional cost (more cost effective than having a large portion of your quarter put into ground)

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